Guests exploring the patterns of the Greenland Ice Sheet near Kangerlussuaq - West Greenland

Albatros Arctic Circle

Albatros Arctic Circle is a Greenlandic company based in Kangerlussuaq and Ilulissat. It is Kangerlussuaq’s largest tour operator and offers a wide range of summer and winter excursions.


They operate three accommodation options:

  • Polar Lodge – private rooms iwith shared bathrooms, shared kitchen and common area
  • Old Camp – private rooms with shared bathrooms, shared kitchen and common area
  • Hotel Kangerlussuaq – private rooms, suites, private bathrooms

and one of the best restaurants in Greenland. Restaurant Roklubben is located 5km from Kangerlussuaq on the shores of Lake Ferguson (free transfer available with bookings) and serves high-quality meals made from local ingredients. 

Albatros Arctic Circle

Mitaarfiit Aqq – postbox 1009
3910 Kangerlussuaq
+299 84 16 48

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