Musk oxen and reindeernear Kangerlussuaq in winter - West Greenland

Wildlife Safari

With large populations of reindeer (caribou) and musk oxen and a rich marine life, Destination Arctic Circle is one of the best places in Greenland for spotting wildlife. In fact, the only land animal you are not likely to encounter is a polar bear, as they are not native to this region and are extremely uncommon.

Musk ox and reindeer safaris

While animals can be spotted any time you venture out into the backcountry, into the waterways, or from a scenic flight, the dedicated wildlife safaris offered by several tour operators maximise your chance to spot the animals and make the most of your encounters.

Although reindeer (caribou) are found throughout Greenland, there are very few places where musk oxen exist in large numbers – the remote and largely inaccessible North-East National Park and Kangerlussuaq. For this reason, a wildlife safari from Kangerlussuaq (available all year round) is a must-do if you wish to see these large but surprisingly nimble creatures.

As you explore the backcountry in search of musk oxen, you will also likely encounter reindeer (caribou). And if you keep a very keen eye out, you may spot arctic hare, arctic foxes, and ptarmigan, despite all of them having very effective camouflage. Remember to also look up as white-tailed sea eagles are sometimes spotted circling above.

Sea safaris

From Sisimiut and Maniitsoq, it is more common to head out in search of marine life on a summer “sea safari”. Whales and seals are the most sought-after animals, though birdwatchers will also be keen to explore the tall bird cliffs near Maniitsoq.

Wildlife Safari Operators

The following companies offer wildlife safaris in the region:

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