Humpback whale jumping and playing just off of Maniitsoq - West Greenland

Whale Watching

Greenland is a whale watching hotspot during the summer months when many of these majestic animals return to Arctic waters after spending the winter in the Caribbean. In Destination Arctic Circle, the most common species are Humpback, Fin, and Minke whales, though several other species have been observed.

Whale Watching boat tours

Although there is the potential to spot whales on any boat tour out of Maniitsoq or Sisimiut, the best way to experience these enormous animals is to join a dedicated whale watching tour. The boat captains keep up to date with where whales were last spotted (often from locals who are out sailing), increasing your chances of a close encounter and maximizing your observing time. If you are very lucky, you may even encounter a playful Humpback leaping into the air and splashing back into the ocean in what is arguably the highlight of whale watching.

Whale Watching from land

Although whale blows can be spotted from on shore in Sisimiut, they are usually quite far off. However, in Maniitsoq, the whales often come very close to shore and can easily be seen from the many viewing platforms that have been set up around the town.  Take a picnic and your binoculars and spend an afternoon taking in the views of the mountains while waiting for them to appear.

Whale Watching Operators

The following companies offer whale watching trips in the region:

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