2 guests on top of Alanngorsuaq overlooking Sisimiut with their snowmobiles - a popular snowmobile destination - West Greenland


The enormous backcountry of Destination Arctic Circle is key to making it the best snowmobiling destination in Greenland.

Sisimiut, in particular, is the capital of snowmobiling with around half of all the snowmobiles in Greenland owned by the town’s residents.  There is a “joke” here that you aren’t truly a local until you own a snowmobile.

With an endless array of remote mountain tops to explore, each with breathtaking views over the pristine, snowy landscape, there are several options for both novice and experienced snowmobilers.

Popular snowmobile destinations

Isikkivik – follow the dogsled/snowmobile tracks past the Nasaasaaq mountain range and out along the Arctic Circle Trail to a spectacular viewpoint that overlooks the frozen Kangerluarsuk Tulleq fjord.

Alanngorsuaq – climb the mountain that is also home to Sisimiut’s ski lift for an unforgettable view over the town and the Davis Strait.

All tours begin with instruction and safety briefing and guests can rent warm body suits, gloves, helmets  if required. 

Snowmobiling Operators

The following companies offer snowmobile trips in the region:

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