Hiker on the Arctic Circle Trail in Autumn

Autumn / Fall (Sep – Oct)

As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, the vegetation turns from green to rich oranges and burgundies.

This is a transition period where the weather becomes unpredictable and the first flurries of snow start to fall, even as summer tries to retain its hold on the land.

It is still possible to go hiking, ocean fishing, sailing, and wildlife watching for some of this period, and you’ll likely encounter some of the most beautiful days of the year during these months. But you must also be prepared for cold temperatures and intense snow storms and build more flexibility into your schedule.

Marathon runners on the Greenland Ice Sheet near Kangerlussuaq for the Polar Circle Marathon
Photo: Albatros Adventure Marathons

October is also the month of the annual Polar Circle Marathon near Kangerlussuaq.  Competitors in the “coolest” marathon in the world traverse part of the Greenland Ice Sheet before running along the Ice Road back to town.  This is generally considered to be one of the tougher marathons during the year – are you up for the challenge?

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