Innajuattoq 2 (Lake House) hut on the ACT during spring

Spring (Feb – Apr)

It sounds counter-intuitive, but spring is the peak season for enjoying winter activities. There is plenty of snow and the lakes and upper reaches of the fjords are frozen to such a degree that they are able to take significant weight without the threat of an unexpected icy dunking!

Skiers of all types will revel in the top-quality conditions that exist during this period. Cross-country skiers should head to Sisimiut for one of the most extensive networks of graded trails in Greenland. If you are super-keen, you might even sign up for the toughest ski race in the world – the annual Arctic Circle Race. Meanwhile, ski tourers and heliskiers will find paradise exploring the tall and remote mountains around Maniitsoq and Sisimiut. With 2000m drops from peak to fjord in pristine snow, this is world class skiing that few people have discovered to date.

Just because there’s snow, doesn’t mean that there’s nothing for hikers. On the contrary, simply strap some snowshoes to your feet and you are good to go! This is a particularly popular activity in Sisimiut where it is possible to rent the equipment or join a guided tour for tips on technique.

Spring is also the best season to embrace dog sledding. Greenland is the only place in the world where dog sleds are still used in their traditional manner, and visitors can get a taste for how the Inuit have hunted, fished, and travelled to see family and friends for thousands of years. Greenland’s dog sledding area on its west coast is located above the Arctic Circle, so head to Kangerlussuaq or Sisimiut to experience this very peaceful mode of travel.  You can even dog sled out to go ice fishing – especially on the frozen fjord near Kangerlussuaq.

If you are looking for more of an adrenaline rush, Sisimiut is the snowmobiling capital of Greenland. It has more snowmobiles than in the rest of Greenland combined! There are plenty of opportunities for both first-time and more experienced snowmobilers to enjoy the thrill of the speed and power that carries you through the extensive backcountry of the Arctic Circle region. A second trophy hunting season opens up during the spring with hunters travelling by snowmobile or dog sled. There is no reindeer hunting at this time, only musk oxen, whose prize hides will be in peak condition.

After you’ve made the most of the ever-lengthening daylight hours, don’t forget to look up once darkness falls. The Northern Lights still shine brightly throughout the region and are one of the best reasons to fight tiredness and stay up late. The other is the Arctic Sounds music festival that takes place every April in Sisimiut.

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