Lings Hunting Greenland

Lings Hunting Greenland is a local, family-owned business who have been hunting in the Kangerlussuaq area for over 40 years. Karsten is a professional hunter and was one of the pioneers working with the government to develop trophy hunting in Greenland. Vivi and Lukas (2 of his children) have been hunting with their family since before they could walk.

All hunts are conducted sustainably and are based out of one of several camps in the middle of the Greenlandic backcountry. They offer summer (Jul-Oct) and winter (Mar-Apr) hunts for musk ox and reindeer (caribou), and real insight into Greenlandic hunting traditions.


Lings Hunting Greenland

Myerip Aqq. 17
3910 Kangerlussuaq
+299 53 28 28 or +299 53 28 44

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